About Cllr. Mags Crean

I am an independent councillor in Wicklow Co. Council.  Originally from Bray, I now live in Greystones with my husband Cathal and two children, aged 8 and 10.

Our town and villages have so much to offer. But we can do better. I have a vision for Greystones, Kilcoole, Delgany and Newcastle inspired by my belief in creating a more caring and equal society.

I am currently employed in University College Dublin as a researcher on education reform and I have over twenty years’ experience working across the education, charity and community sectors. I am also on the board of the Greystones Family Resource Centre and Purple House Cancer Support Centre. I was also the community and voluntary representative on the Wicklow County Council LCDC and a past board member of 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World.

As a pro-active member of our community, I’m frustrated by the lack of affordable housing and decent public services. Our community also needs more eco-friendly development, local employment options, efficient transport and a wider range of community facilities and supports. Something needs to change.

Informed by my real-life experience I will bring a strong, fresh and independent voice to our council and ensure that the issues of ordinary people are well represented.


With a degree in Botany from UCD, Mags has an informed knowledge of environmental issues. She is also qualified in the social sciences through UCD with a BSocSc and a Masters in Equality Studies. Mags then completed a PhD in Social Justice in UCD, which examined care as a political issue. See more here

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Diversity in politics matters 4 minority groups who are underrepresented; I hope vote 4 change in GE20 & election of progressive cllrs at local council has a knock-on effect 4 votes in Seanad Vocational Panel. Vote for new voices @SalomeMbuguaHe1 @Love1solidarity @jconama_bosco66

Just watched insightful docu on EirSport by @sorchaglackin 'Passing It On:Ballymun Kickhams'; shows social class & sport intersect for a community; sud be used in schools 4 subjects like Politics & Society to discuss social class, sport, education & equality @PhillyMcMahon  #GAA

Well done to @Postvox providing postage paid postcards but @rochfordbrennan dementia advocate had great suggestion to include 1 prepaid envelope so that people could send letters. Older ppl hav emotional memories attached to receiving letters & wud be nice to rekindle that joy

An Post@Postvox

Over the coming days An Post will be dropping postcards to your homes that you can send anywhere in Ireland for free. The written word is a powerful thing, so embrace it and come together 💌 #WriteNow

I have written to Minister @CharlieFlanagan asking him to #MoveTheVulnerableOut of Direct Provision centres. If action is not taken we could be moving them to hospitals & ICUs - I’m also asking Gov to #MoveTheVulnerableIn by providing safe accommodation for homeless at this time https://t.co/ug5onWeFWk

Big thanks for supporting my #seanad2020 bid. Was stressful juggling work, kids,baby sleep deprivation. But proud we pushed ending #homelessness
/Affordable homes/Right to housing in Constitution. My kids give best advice "vote Daddy Hearne - post your vote & #WashYourHands

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A Caring Community

I will utilise my professional skills to help develop community supports by working with local community groups, and assisting the development of new youth services. We need a multi-level community centre that caters for a variety of community groups and services. We also need a affordable, accessible childcare.


We need to initiate action on the housing crisis in Greystones and Kilcoole by working towards a local authority-led public housing model, which provides houses to purchase at affordable prices along with options to rent with security of tenure. But this needs to happen in tandem with effective planning, sustainable development and efficient infrastructure.


We need to improve our transport services by supporting the need for a local shuttle bus service and making the NTA more responsive to local needs. We need action on the park and ride, which is at capacity and we need to think about a train station stop at Charlesland.


We need to promote Greystones & Kilcoole as an eco-friendly and healthy place to live. This can be done through environmental initiatives such as a bike scheme, eco-friendly sources of energy for public transport, and encouragement for schools to participate in environmentally-friendly practice. We need to have a biodiversity plan, a pollination plan and we need to stop the use of pesticides in our community.


I want to be an advocate for local employment options, by driving the development of the IDA site, which has been promised at every election but never delivered. The IDA site needs to be developed in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Microbusinesses and the self employed need support at local level as they make up the majority of our local employers. At the moment they are crippled by exorbitant rates and growing overheads.


We need adequate numbers of school places at primary and secondary level. We also need second chance education through community and adult education courses.

Press Release:

Local Independent candidate says: “A vote for Crean is a vote for Green”

Local independent election candidate Mags Crean says she will take a strong stand to ensure that local wildlife, biodiversity and the environment are protected as an absolute priority if she is elected. 

“We’re all aware of the tragic loss of biodiversity in our own beautiful county and the threats that a decline in pollinators and the climate emergency present to the future of our children”, she says.

Mags believes that local councils can play a key role in the necessary transition to low carbon use and greater protection for the environment, but says support must also be provided for the people and communities whose livelihoods may be impacted by that transition. 

“If elected, I will work in co-operation with other councillors to make Greystones, Kilcoole, Delgany and Newcastle more sustainable and healthy: for example, planting for pollinators; chargers for electric cars; safe routes to walk and cycle to school; exploring a bike hire scheme and supporting the bid to make Greystones a Sustainable Energy Community”, she says. 

“In the wider county, I would work to ensure we have a new Biodiversity Action Plan and National Pollinator Plan and act on it. I would support planting native trees, tackling pollution of waterways, preserving hedgerows, wildflower verges; and reducing the use of pesticides on public lands maintained by the council. I want to see much more about mitigation in the council’s new Climate Change Adaptation Plan and planning to ensure new buildings are sustainable.

Mags is asking for your number one vote to allow her to start to put these plans into action.

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